Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Thank you for all your support during the year and we look forward to a great 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Injune Challenge reveal...

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this day in Injune as we had to do some much needed cattle work with the small window of dry weather that we had. I am very pleased that this challenge is all revealed now. I am again amazed at the creativity of all participants. Thanks Sue for organising the challenge and letting us all be creative.

This is what my challenge started out as.

I wanted to cover the top with buttons that matched the colours in the yellow material. Alan from Acies suggested that I use a resin. I put this off for a long time as I was not sure how to do this exactly. (The intruction sheet that came with the resin was very long. I not a fan of reading instuctions.)

I made a variety of cards to go in the tin.

In my challenge pack I was given double sided green cardstock and maroon shimmer paper plus the two materials the yellow stripy one which I put around the tin and the blue material which I used on the inside of my tin. ( This was my least favourite item in the Challenge Pack and only used it because I had to.)

Below you can see both the green and the maroon that I had to use.

For some pictures from the day please head over here

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kids Workshop 15th December

The group of children should be proud, between them all they made
84 Christmas Cards.
Most of these were originals as each had some personality from the maker of the card thown in. (I got a few ideas from the kids too as a bonus) I would like to thank two people who helped me out on the day Rachel and Debra. I really don't think that I could have done it without you both helping along the way.

Some of the group made this design using the punched flowers, some used circles, some used Christmas trees. Have a go at home with a punch that you have and put it into a tree shape and there is a very quick and easy Christmas Card.

This is one of the handmade Christmas cards. I think that this design was a favourite for quite a few in the group.

This was the group of crafty card makers doing a rather elegant pose with their favourite card from the day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Saturday... the Injune Challenge reveal date and Christmas Party. I am looking forward to seeing all the other creations from the challenge packs. I found it very difficult to work with these coulour in the material range as these are not "my" colours. Let me leave it at that for now. But check back in soon to see when all is revealed.
I am off now for a Kids Christmas Card Workshop. They should churn out a few cards between them all. Will post some photos from the workshop today later.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday time...

Just wanted to show you the cake that I made for K's birthday.

It must have been pretty good because there is not a crumb left.....

Handy hint...

......don't push those punches to the back of the cupboard.....Yes you have had them for ages.....Yes you may be a little sick of the same old same old.....try this.... it is a handy idea....all that you need is a gel pen.....add some lines/doodles around the edges of the punches and this gives the punch a nifty lift...try spots too.....then add them to your next project....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's that....

.....busy time of year again. We all know about it, we do it again year after year and we always say to ourselves "next year I'll be more organised" or "I'll make my christmas cards through the year". So here is a quick card that you can churn out heaps of to get the ball rolling.

Both Brooke and I had a great time away. The masters netball was an awesome experience. There was some great competition on the coast and hopefully we will be going back with a larger team. We had a few break downs away and this was costly to our game.

I am sure Brooke enjoyed her trip to Goondiwindi too. (Let's hope she remembered her ear plugs)


4th and 5th of December

Sat 8-3.00pm

Sun 8-12noon

Roma RSL Markets

Roma RSL Hall

10th of December

Christmas in the Park

Big Rig Parklands

5.30 to 9.30pm

Come along and see us for any last minute gift ideas, craft supplies and inspiration.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off and away....

Just letting you know that we will not be at the markets this month as both of us are away. If you were needing anything send us an email and we can try to get it to you. I am off to play lots of netball and Brooke is heading off for a bit of culture.....We should both have lots of fun....We WILL be at the December 2 day Christmas markets on the 4th and 5th of December.

Here is something to ponder......( I heard this on the radio yesterday and just loved this quote).....
"No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes"
So until I return bye for awhile.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This was a sunset that I snapped from our verandah. I also wanted to clarify that I am not trying to fry up the little chickens in the frypan.....that is their feed dish.

Here they are....

....yes these are the cute little chickens. (Sorry for the wait). This photo was taken when they were very new, now they are so much bigger.
We also have another chook who has had a little chick. So now there are 4. Will keep you updated as there could be more.
Injune paper bag challenge.......FINISHED (Yeah).....Can't give you any sneak peaks as it is a secret..... You will have to wait until the 18th of December and all will be revealed.....I'll give you a little hint....It has ribbon, buttons, paper, material and lots of supertape. Can you guess?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Chickens

We have 3 cute brand new chickens that arrived on Saturday. They are very sweet. As there are 3 I said that I could name one and my 2 daughters could name one each. I thought of KFC as the name for my chicken.....Can you come up with a better name for my poor chicken before it gets stuck with KFC for the rest of it's life. Will show you a photo of KFC soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010


.....We are still in the land of living.....and living we many things happening this term and I am finding it hard to fit everything in. I always find term 4 this biggest struggle as everything gets squished in at the end of the year.
What about this rain we are having? Isn't is amazing.....I am glad that I didn't rush in and wash the car....More mud to add to the collection.
Use this weather to your advantage and make some Christmas Cards or handmade Christmas gifts (below are a few ideas......Maybe a tin covered with Christmas theme scrapbooking papers and filled with Christmas treats or a cute little button pot) It is only 71 days until Christmas now.

Have a great rainy day

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a fun night...Stitch, Scrap and Socialise...

To all the "girls" who made this night a great success.........Thank you.....I had a ball. Congratualtions to Debra for organising the night. I am a bit annoyed that I forgot my camera but I do have just this one photo.

I brought home a cupcake and before devouring it for brekky I took this piccy as it was such a photogenic cupcake......It was very yummy Bec. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stitch,scrap and socialise....

Come along to our girls night in on Friday 8th of October at the Community Arts Centre, Studio 6 (behind the library) from 6-10pm. Please bring along a small plate of finger food to share for dinner.

Cost is $4 plus a donation to the cancer council.
You can donate online by clicking here .
All donations $2 and over are tax deductable.
Please RSVP to ensure adequate seating is available.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Injune Challenge

I was talking to someone (you know who you are) about this Injune Challenge recently and said that I would add some photos to the blog.
I attended a scrapping day at Injune and took part in the Patchwork Challenge. It came in a brown paper bag (all very mysterious) and had some instructions on the front.
The instructions were along the lines of has to be useful......have a verse or word on it........use most of each item........
The bag contained..........a small square of material with cupcakes and cakes on it............chocolate embroidery thread............and some beads.....
This is what I made...... a recipe is useful, I have laminated my favourite recipes so that they can be wiped clean, it has my favourite verse.......I'd give up chocolate but I am no quitter.....

I have taken another Injune Challenge on. To see this one you will have to wait until December when all can be revealed. I can however show you what this brown paper bag contains and its instructions. Will do this soon.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

All ready....

Yes today the Showing of the Quilts was all set up. I did have a sneak peak (sorry there are no sneak peak photos for you our camera is away on camp) and it is all very exciting. There are a huge number of quilts, miniture sewing machine display, challenge quilts and trade stalls. The Showing of the Quilts is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday so make sure you head down to Hiberian Hall.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Want to see more.........

........well slip down to the Showing of the Quilts......................Be amazed by all the talented quilters..........................Come and say hello.................................This card is constructed using the same concept as a bargello quilt.
We are having a huge sale while the quilt show is on so come and see us. We are discounting papers, embellishments, stamps and heaps more. Don't miss this.......we will see you at the Showing of the Quilts....see below for details.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Open my fridge and what do I see??

I am sorry this is not really relevant to much at all but I thought that it was quite cute. No. 2 has given all the eggs in my fridge door faces. So when I went to the fridge (and no I wasn't looking for chocolate) this is what I had found.

Quilt Show

Make sure that you come to the showing of the quilts on next week in Roma. We are having a trade display. We will have some quilted cards (Bargello, prairie points, log cabin) on display.(This shows that you can get ideas from anything and anywhere) Watch out for a sneak peak!!
See you all there........

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To our blog competition winner.....

....yes you can finally have your prize......I know that no one got the exact answer....... as Debra did say in one of her guesses "I know that Brooke wouldn't want her birthday advertised on the blog" we are going to give her the prize. Congratulations Debra and look out these papers will be heading your way. Now you can make your Christmas cards. Enjoy!!!

Thanks to everyone who had a guess and made it so much fun. Watch out for more competitions coming soon. (I had so much fun with the last one.....)

Monday, August 30, 2010

What, when, where.....

New papers by basic grey. They are double sided and it gives you more options with your paper stash.
Who could resist these cute little stamps..... and they are so cheap too.

Want a centrepiece for your chirstmas table. You could decorate it to match your home.

These come as a pack...... quick and easy to make up and great to fill up for school teachers or class mates.....$5.50 for a pack which makes 6.

Close up of above......

Wood mounted stamp by Hero Arts.

Superfine clear embossing powder now in stock. Place this over any coloured stamped image and it will add instant gloss and texture. I love this and tend to use it the most out of all my embossing powders.

We will be at the Roma RSL Markets this Sunday 5th Sept from 8am until 12 noon. Come on down and say hello. We have got some new stock in.......including clear stamps, papers and some goodies for Christmas. Take a look!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Christmas Card ideas....

I know how Christmas sneaks up on us all. So get inspired and make your cards sooner rather than later. Here are some ideas to get you inspired. Have fun.

This is an origami christmas tree ornament.
Brooke's creation.
Three fold card. 15cm long.

Something very pink.....

You may recognise some of these ideas were from last years card making workshops, I thought that they may be useful to you to get the ideas flowing.

A little bit different, a little bit retro!! ...But it has something about it. I like it....GS
For all the bright sparks in your life....

Sorry about the long shadows in the picture. This one is a little more modern. You could add a cute owl or bird to the branch of this one.
Maybe even turn it into a birthday card.

....and this cute little man came to the workshop on Saturday and learnt all about Christmas Cards, stamping, scrapbooking, how much women can talk etc. etc. etc.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sneak Peak.

What a great day to sit and craft. ( I am very sorry if you had to go to work today)
Here is a sneak peak of what we have got in store for you at our Christmas Card Workshop this Saturday. Plus more ideas.......

Rain....... Rain........Rain.......