Sunday, July 7, 2013

More male cards

Trust can never have enough male cards. Male cards are generally harder to slap together because you can't just stick a flower on it to jazz it up. Below I have used the buckle off my hubbies old shorts and threaded a trim through it. I have also clear embossed the Man of the House stamp to make it stand out more. 

 Simple card for a males 21st.
 I have a story I would like to share....My daughter wanted to buy a card for her friend. She wanted a card that sings when you open it up. Now, I have been making cards since 2001 and I haven't bought a card in all that time. So I was a bit upset that she wanted to puchase a card and not give one that I had made. Anyway you sometimes do what you have to to keep the peace. So my daughter selected the card and I went to the counter to pay for the card and it came to $15. I think I was gobsmacked!! I realised that over the years my cardmaking maybe has saved me $$$$.

Enjoy your cardmaking!!


  1. What $15. I hope the friend it was given to starts the tradition of passing the one card backwards and forwards until there is no room left. That singing chip will want to sing a lot.

    Love your bloke cards, particularly the one with the buckle.

  2. Yes, I too was hoping the card could be used over and over. Thank you for all your comments, they make my day. Gayle.