Thursday, December 23, 2010

Injune Challenge reveal...

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this day in Injune as we had to do some much needed cattle work with the small window of dry weather that we had. I am very pleased that this challenge is all revealed now. I am again amazed at the creativity of all participants. Thanks Sue for organising the challenge and letting us all be creative.

This is what my challenge started out as.

I wanted to cover the top with buttons that matched the colours in the yellow material. Alan from Acies suggested that I use a resin. I put this off for a long time as I was not sure how to do this exactly. (The intruction sheet that came with the resin was very long. I not a fan of reading instuctions.)

I made a variety of cards to go in the tin.

In my challenge pack I was given double sided green cardstock and maroon shimmer paper plus the two materials the yellow stripy one which I put around the tin and the blue material which I used on the inside of my tin. ( This was my least favourite item in the Challenge Pack and only used it because I had to.)

Below you can see both the green and the maroon that I had to use.

For some pictures from the day please head over here

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  1. The tin is still welcome to come and live at my place. it is very cool and very tactile.