Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kids Workshop 15th December

The group of children should be proud, between them all they made
84 Christmas Cards.
Most of these were originals as each had some personality from the maker of the card thown in. (I got a few ideas from the kids too as a bonus) I would like to thank two people who helped me out on the day Rachel and Debra. I really don't think that I could have done it without you both helping along the way.

Some of the group made this design using the punched flowers, some used circles, some used Christmas trees. Have a go at home with a punch that you have and put it into a tree shape and there is a very quick and easy Christmas Card.

This is one of the handmade Christmas cards. I think that this design was a favourite for quite a few in the group.

This was the group of crafty card makers doing a rather elegant pose with their favourite card from the day.

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  1. We had an absolute blast at card day & all those kids were really creative. I enjoyed helping & will come back anytime you need me.
    Thanks for a good holiday activity. Debra