Tuesday, February 8, 2011


.....Using something that is going to be thrown out makes you feel good when you can use it later after a few simple alterations..... in this case a bit of double sided tape, ribbons and a few buttons. How easy is that. All your old tins from your tin fruit to your tins of tuna can be used. What you will need is a can opener that leaves a smooth edge rather than a sharp edge.

The brown tin I am not yet sure what I will do with it just yet, but the tin in the bottom picture is my craft table scrap bin. It is bright so that no one can miss it (no excuse for making a mess on my scrapping table).

I use the buttons to cover up the ribbon joins. I have made some more of these but covered in paper and embellished for my girls rooms. One daughter places her hair bands and clips in them and the other maybe a rock collection one day or something just as important the next day.....
Have fun creating these tins.

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