Friday, December 27, 2013


Crafty happenings from 2013. This is the condensed pictorial version (I could not add all creations from the year) I hope you had a crafty 2013 and hope that all our creations for 2014 are fabulous.
Thank you to everyone who reads our blog and thanks for all your positive feedback and comments, it is so nice to read your comments.
Watch out for the finished top to the christmas quilt to come soon.
Thanks to all for your support and best wishes to all for 2014.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tree is up

It is beginning to feel like Christmas now that we have our Christmas decorations up. All our market stalls are done and dusted for the year I will get more time to keep the blog updated and possibly blog some craft! Wow, won't that be a good thing.
Hope you are all organised for Christmas.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Something pretty

While out walking this morning we walked past these flowers in they are blooming in my kitchen. Something pretty to make my day.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Looking back...

No cards made here sadly......  I do wish that there was twice as many hours in a day so that I could get all the crafting done that I want..Oh to dream....
So I wanted to share cards that I have made for my 2 daughters over the years. I am glad to say that over the years my card making skills have grown.
They are not in any particular order....this is how they come out of the box. Enjoy!
 The black flowers are rub ons and the rach is traced around some chipboard letters and glitter added.
 A personal favourite technique of mine is to add hand drawn stitches to the edge of my cards.
 I love to use up my scraps and I also love bright colours....who would of guessed...
 This is an old one....using chalks

 Trying different shaped cards.

 Something different....may have to try this again one is a fun card.

This one was for a 6th birthday and the 6th butterfly was on the inside of the card.
I hope that you have enjoyed stepping back in time with cards from the past.
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Look what jumped into my shopping trolley this week. Lucky for me anyway

not so lucky for the poor little M and M's.
Not too sure about this disclainer on the bottom of the packet!!!
A few shells may have been broken.
I hope that you have been crafting....I will get to it one day clouds rolling in now...fingers crossed.
Happy crafting

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello visitors to our blog,
Just wanted to let you know that we are still is hectic at the moment.
I have been particularly busy with all that I, farm work (a bit of a drought crisis going on here.....water has to be checked regularly, cattle to feed and cattle have been moved, rabbits and kangaroos are eating everything in sight and it has not rained for 4 months, dams are drying up and need desilting) school holidays, markets, presentation night, concert(Alan Jackson was super), crafting(painting, hand stitching, card making) and welcoming visitors (my Dad dropped in for a quick visit on route to the Simpson Desert).
Hence.....not blogging regularly....very sorry about this.
A recent card I made
Presentation night......dressed up!
Our stall with it's aussie theme.
Truck loaded with cattle to go to feedlot.
Another recent card I have made.
School holiday painting fun....gotta love that....just wish there was more time for this.
Happy crafting to you...

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Birdhouse and animals

 Hi all....I have been very busy of late and apologise for my non-blogging. We are getting rather dry here and have been moving cattle to utilise grass before the masses of kangaroo's eat all the grass. When I say masses of kangaroo's I mean it. When we drive in the paddock it makes them all move and you see hundreds of them...
I made this cute little birdhouse....maybe I lie.....I didn't make it from scratch....I covered it with some cute papers and embellished it. I think it is rather cute!

 Here is my first visitor every morning on my verandah. Occasionally he will sing and other birds will sing along.
 These 2 kangaroo's were visiting not far from the house.....and this is "Friday".

Friday is going to get a name change if he is not careful....
We are thinking of calling him "Ignoramus". When we drive home we pull up in the car next to "Friday" to say hello and give him a rub.....but "Friday" just walks away and keeps on eating.
Thanks for reading our blog

Saturday, July 27, 2013


...from this..... this....
 Back of pillowcase
 ....fancy stitching on the back...
Thanks Donna for this old shirt. I loved the fabric and couldn't just throw it out. I think it looks great with my doona cover.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, July 21, 2013


 Over the weekend I have managed to sit and complete a scrapbooking page. It rained a little here so everything slowed down. I had this photo from my neices graduation and it worked with the feature paper. It is a very simple page using papers, ribbons, buttons a butterfly embellishment and some glitter. (it is hard to see but the glitter is on the purple circles on the outer border)
 Usually when stitching one would assume that if you are to get injured you would prick yourself with the needle......I will share my story......I was sewing a button onto a pair of hubby's work shorts. It was rather tuff going through all the layers of  the cotton drill. I was using my middle finger to push the needle through and the eye end of the needle went into my finger. OUCH!! All good now....
Had to share....Tip of the day.....use a thimble.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mmmmmm......Got your attention now!

 Hi, now that I have your attention here is a little stitching that I have been doing. I am working on a Christmas Quilt by Bronwyn Hayes that I hope to have done in time to hang this Christmas. It is a block of the month in the Homespun magazine. In the magazine they use slightly different colours....I have used my favourite colour (teal/aqua) with red.
By the way....K and I made macrons....inspired by Liz! A few turned out normal....LOL.

Here is a link to a picture of the finished quilt.
I am hoping that it will look good when it is finished. I have even had an offer, from my sister, who would like to store the quilt in the off season. I think she too likes the teal/aqua colours. Will keep you posted with more pictures soon.
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hi there again,
I wanted to share with you a card that I made recently out of some pages from an old note book. It was like a mini ring binder so you can see the holes. It had tabs to divide the different sections. I used the tabs to make this card and I was impressed with how well it turned out. So before throwing out those old notebooks.....take another look.

The butterfly was also cut from a page divider. I enjoy transforming old into new again. You should try it some time.
Thank you to you........for taking the time to read my blog...I love your comments.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, July 7, 2013

More male cards

Trust can never have enough male cards. Male cards are generally harder to slap together because you can't just stick a flower on it to jazz it up. Below I have used the buckle off my hubbies old shorts and threaded a trim through it. I have also clear embossed the Man of the House stamp to make it stand out more. 

 Simple card for a males 21st.
 I have a story I would like to share....My daughter wanted to buy a card for her friend. She wanted a card that sings when you open it up. Now, I have been making cards since 2001 and I haven't bought a card in all that time. So I was a bit upset that she wanted to puchase a card and not give one that I had made. Anyway you sometimes do what you have to to keep the peace. So my daughter selected the card and I went to the counter to pay for the card and it came to $15. I think I was gobsmacked!! I realised that over the years my cardmaking maybe has saved me $$$$.

Enjoy your cardmaking!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Orange...Missing in action

As Brooke can tell you....I love orange....(I also think that green could be my next favourite colour) so since I haven't made anything orange for soooo long. I reached into my scrap box, pulled a few orange pieces of scrap paper, selected the dotty background paper in a 6x6 paper pad and whipped up this ORANGE card....

 This one could pass off as orange too....
 I love how the layering of the butterfly makes the wings look like they are moving.
 This is a recent sunrise through the fog.
 Happy Crafting

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Very sorry about the long pause to my blogging....again.... Life gets in the way.
My apologies.
Occasionaly I will be given something and I think that I will use it to make something crafty and the item will sit and sit for ages and I will not use it. Then one cool winter day I get creating and use it. Today I pulled out the white plastic sticker sheet that was given to me and ran it through the Big Shot and made the "tweet and bird" below. It was need for any adhesive on the fiddly "tweet" wording....I love quick cards.


 Brooke made this tag at the markets on the weekend. I couldn't resist adding it to my card below.
 Love these papers....prima almanac collection
Happy Crafting