Friday, September 10, 2010

Injune Challenge

I was talking to someone (you know who you are) about this Injune Challenge recently and said that I would add some photos to the blog.
I attended a scrapping day at Injune and took part in the Patchwork Challenge. It came in a brown paper bag (all very mysterious) and had some instructions on the front.
The instructions were along the lines of has to be useful......have a verse or word on it........use most of each item........
The bag contained..........a small square of material with cupcakes and cakes on it............chocolate embroidery thread............and some beads.....
This is what I made...... a recipe is useful, I have laminated my favourite recipes so that they can be wiped clean, it has my favourite verse.......I'd give up chocolate but I am no quitter.....

I have taken another Injune Challenge on. To see this one you will have to wait until December when all can be revealed. I can however show you what this brown paper bag contains and its instructions. Will do this soon.


  1. Love the Recipe Box its gorgeous and what a cleve use of the rules and supplies given!!! I really need to make this...where did u get the actual box or did you make it?

  2. Looks great! Can't wait to see the next challenge. Maybe you can make some of your favourite recipes to bring down with you when you come. K