Tuesday, September 4, 2012

R U buying new Christmas stamps....READ THIS.

Do you need to buy new Christmas stamps for making your Christmas cards each year. My answer is....No. I love to find new ways with my well loved stamps. Don't get me wrong I do love new stamps and papers and inks and buttons and ribbons and stickers and chipboard....but I do like to use what I have in my stash at the time of creating.
You may have noticed a bit of a break from bloggin lately....sorry about that.... life took over and I was just hanging on and trying not to fall off the ride. Now that life has settled down for a bit I was thinking that Christmas is just around the corner and I had better get my butt in top gear and make some Christmas Cards. I didn't have any new Christmas stamps so I had to come up with some clever ideas with my favourite stamps. These are simple ideas that can be adapted to make lot's of different cards. I hope that you can utilise your favourite stamps for Christmas this year.
Have fun revamping your favourite stamps.



  1. Very cute Gayle. Are you going for a brown/grey Christmas?


    1. I do like brown too!!....as well as orange and green and red and yellow and blue and pink....

  2. they look great Gayle! Glad u have survived the rollercoaster :) look forward to catching up.