Sunday, July 21, 2013


 Over the weekend I have managed to sit and complete a scrapbooking page. It rained a little here so everything slowed down. I had this photo from my neices graduation and it worked with the feature paper. It is a very simple page using papers, ribbons, buttons a butterfly embellishment and some glitter. (it is hard to see but the glitter is on the purple circles on the outer border)
 Usually when stitching one would assume that if you are to get injured you would prick yourself with the needle......I will share my story......I was sewing a button onto a pair of hubby's work shorts. It was rather tuff going through all the layers of  the cotton drill. I was using my middle finger to push the needle through and the eye end of the needle went into my finger. OUCH!! All good now....
Had to share....Tip of the day.....use a thimble.
Happy Crafting


  1. Nice page Gayle.

    Thanks for the sewing tip. haha.

  2. Apparently, my tip is common knowledge.....LOL

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