Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Friday" update

 Just a quick update on our calf "Friday". (He is too cute not to share some photo's with you.)
K. has been feeding him and he loves to follow her around, sometimes having a suck on her hand, leg or her clothes. Friday has grown in size and we have been letting Friday out with all the cows with their own calves around the house yard, now Friday knows that he is a real cow. He is quite funny when he is out with the herd. He's not as placid as he is in the house yard.....he is a calf with ATTITUDE!! He kicks his feet up in the air and moo's. Just wish it was easier to get him to come home for a feed. Anyway, Friday is doing very well.
I do hope to blog again soon with some crafting but at this point I've got zippo to share.

Slacko in Crafting (this week anyway)


  1. Looking forward to seeing your "Friday" scrap booking spread at the Roma Show.

    1. I am looking forward to scraping our little friend "Friday" but the show could be a bit of a big ask. Gayle