Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet Friday

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share a bit of a story about an orphan calf that we named "Friday". Hubby found him last week and brought him home from our other block of dirt. The poor little calf had no mother and when hubby found him "Friday" thought that the tractor might be his mother and went under it looking for a feed. 
 On arriving home Friday spent the first couple of nights in the shed then we moved him down to the house yard to be closer to us. Friday has stayed in the house yard since and has become great mates with "Trigger" the dog. They lick each other and play is real sweet!!
 I can see that Friday is going to become a problem in my garden.....very soon...
 ...but for now we are all having a great time with Friday. So glad it is holidays and we can spend so much time with him.
Enjoy your holidays.....
P.S. I have been creating some cards, which I will share with you all soon. Just wanted to introduce you all to "Friday".


  1. Friday is cute Gayle. I hope he learns what to eat and what not to eat in your garden.

  2. Just one more reason for everyone to love Friday!