Sunday, January 20, 2013

Which one's your favourite?

Hi There Everyone,
I am back from a wonderful stay at the Sunshine Coast. Just not long enough. The weater at the coast was amazing....32oC. Then we come home to a 40oC day and you really notice it.
Thank you so much Brooke for looking after our family dog and farm!!
Before I went away I was going to blog about these cards that I made......but blogger had different ideas. It is still being I had to go around the problem....Anyway here they are.
It is a little hard to see but the spotty black and white paper is flocked paper and feels great.
I like the colours in this card....odd but I think that it works.....

I love the cute little bow on this card.

Tried to make a manly card.

I am really into butterflies at the moment....and dot's as usual....
I will be back soon with a post about Nicola's quilt. Nicola got her quilt while we were at the coast. I think she liked it....a bit hard to tell.
Which is your favourite card? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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