Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello visitors to our blog,
Just wanted to let you know that we are still is hectic at the moment.
I have been particularly busy with all that I, farm work (a bit of a drought crisis going on here.....water has to be checked regularly, cattle to feed and cattle have been moved, rabbits and kangaroos are eating everything in sight and it has not rained for 4 months, dams are drying up and need desilting) school holidays, markets, presentation night, concert(Alan Jackson was super), crafting(painting, hand stitching, card making) and welcoming visitors (my Dad dropped in for a quick visit on route to the Simpson Desert).
Hence.....not blogging regularly....very sorry about this.
A recent card I made
Presentation night......dressed up!
Our stall with it's aussie theme.
Truck loaded with cattle to go to feedlot.
Another recent card I have made.
School holiday painting fun....gotta love that....just wish there was more time for this.
Happy crafting to you...

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  1. Gorgeous cards, beautiful stall, you and Miss R look divine! Never a dull moment always something to do :)