Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black and White plus One Challenge...

For the “Black and White plus one” challenge I decorated a ribbon holder. These come packaged as 6 pieces of wooden cut-outs that join together to make the box.Some of the wooden edges were painted and some covered with paper. On the top I painted the chipboard letters and applied a glossy top coat. The flowers were hand made from orgnaza (well that is what I will call it), the edges of the flowers were held over a flame to melt them into a petal shape. Then the rest was easy….just add some buttons, bling and ribbons (or as we say in the scrapbooking world….embellish!!).

My second crafted item is a button teacup. This one was inspired by the black and white beads. (That once upon a time were a very chunky necklace) Buttons and beads are wired together and held in the cup with hot glue and florist foam.

I have also created a scrapbooking page using a black, white and brown colour theme. The bark on the tree in the photo inspired the colour scheme.

I have enjoyed doing this challenge very much. It has taught me that any colour looks great with black and white!! I do like to use lot’s of different BOLD colours to craft with so this has made me craft outside my little box. Thanks for some fun!!


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