Sunday, November 27, 2011

Challenge Papers by Brooke

Well I hope everyone is sitting down, cause I have been scrapping. I finally did my challenge papers, but settle down I still haven't done the recipe cards (sorry!!!).

With my challenge I decided to do a concentina album so have a look below I have put some piccy's. I missed the last workshop, I had to take my boy away to have his tonsils out and you know it has been so peaceful, but I think he is getting better because he is back to his old self.

This the front cover

Close up of the flowers

Inside front cover

Inside back cover

This one isn't very clear but this the album opened up

Anyway I also had to do secret santa for a savings site I am a member of so we couldn't spend any money so I made a concentina album for that as well. It is still a work in progress so I have just shown the cover let me know if this is ok for a secret santa pressy.

I can't wait to see everyone elses challenge papers.

Till next time


  1. Hi Brooke, Well I was glad you told me to sit down when you said that you were doing some craft!!! They both look fantastic!!! Thanks for the post about your scrapping, come back soon with more creations.Gayle

  2. Wow Brooke. That is awesome & it will be a great secret santa gift. I am impressed that you scrapped & did the challenge. Looking forward to seeing more Brooke creations soon.