Sunday, March 6, 2011

My First Post

Hi Everyone,

Well I am just having a training session with Gayle on how to use this blog and Gayle just told me we have been blogging for a whole year and this is my first post (am I bad???).

Oh well now I have started I guess I can't stop now!!

Well we are just sitting here at the markets blogging away! We have some great bargains so if you missed this one don't forget the next!!

I left the kids at Grandma's so it is nice and peacefull. The kids got into my craft cupboard the other day and to create some master pieces and thought they were using glitter and tipped all my embossing powders out everywhere. (Where was the supervision from the mother.................. Hanging the clothes out) they are so quick. So now there is a kid ban on craft in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly cried!!!

Oh well do you know where I can get some more? (he he he)

Gayle has ordered some beautiful things in this time (not that she doesn't always, but not much orange)

We have some new 6x6 papers in pads they are really nice we have:

- Paisley Road
- Stella and Rose
- Sultry Paper pad

Cute little rub ons look a little bit like Holly Hobbie

We have some nice cute little journal cards in a nice box they are 4x6 and has 6 different designs in the Paisley Road collection.

Well you will just have to check it out for yourself, see you there at this one or the next!!!!

Bye for now



  1. Congrats on the First Post it can be very addictive. Love the Paisley Road Cards! Have fun x

  2. Nice to see you this morning!!!

  3. Hello Brooke. Welcome to Blogging land, glad you could join us. Glad Gayle got you to give it a go. Sorry to have missed you today I was out of town. Hope the markets were good for you.

  4. Bec Glad that you liked the paisley road jounal cards. Hope to see them soon in one of your scrapbook pages.