Monday, March 7, 2011


Whilst sitting at the markets yesterday Brooke and I did a little brainstorming. We made a challenge for ourselves. These are the rules.
1. Make 4 fun cards using the 4 doublesided sheets of our new Luxe papers.
2. We intend to upload pictures for you all to see.
How easy is that........very then we thought

Who else wants in on the challenge??????

If you want to take part in this challenge let me know and we will get you a challenge pack. For a $2 challenge kit please contact Gayle. You will get the 4 sheets of double sided paper to create your four cards.
Thanks for all your lovely comments lately, espescially for Brooke's blogging. Hopefully she will post some more very soon....Hint hint.....


  1. ohhh wow I want in! but is there a time limit? I still havent looked at my chicken/easter card again...oops so time could be an issue! Glad you girls are making the most of your market time and look forward to reading some more posts from Brooke HINT hint lol

  2. Hello girls. After getting my fabric last night I agree with Becc. What is my deadline?? The colours are lovely and the names of the papers reminds me of cocktail hour back in the old days. hmmm... what will they be? I have no idea.

  3. OOOPS me again. I just realised I was given CARD not fabric. durrh