Saturday, December 22, 2012

What I did this Wednesday....

Hi there, I am sharing some photo's from Wednesday just gone. Scrap 4 Fun held a kids scrapbooking workshop, with the main aim of the workshop to teach making a banner as a title. I was very impressed with their outcomes and will share some of their work with you.
Below Mr T had recently visited the zoo and had some cool zoo photo's to scrap. Mr T. made his banner into a sign post!! See photo's below.

 I could not resist putting in this photo of Mr T's. photo....I thought that this sight was soooo cute. Reminded us of the giraffe in Madagascar...
 Below Mr E. had some photo's of a recent holiday. Mr E. had the longest title for his scrapping page and did a great job persisting and getting it all finished. Well Done Mr E.!!

Miss K. worked very hard to complete a very special layout about her family. See below.
 Miss M. completed two single layouts, one about her BFF's and the other about her holiday.
 Some of the kids from the scrapbooking workshop.
 Miss J. completed a massive 4 single layouts. I added the one below to show the banner title.
 ....and a close up.
 Random picture alert.....I saw these the other day heading out to our is a herd of emu's ...I normally see one or two and maybe a mother with it's young family but never this many all at once. I couldn't get them all in the picture I think that there may have been a few more in this group.

Happy Crafting

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  1. These photos are great Gayle. T & E had a great day and are very proud of their pages. Remember to let us know when it is on again.