Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Craft Space (well one of them anyway)

This is a little insight into one of my craft spaces at my home. You will note that I have not shown you the whole area all at once as that may be toooooo scary for you. My ribbons are in zippy bags in colours, this helps when you are after your pink ribbon you can grab that bag and most of your pink ribbons are there together.

Most of my smaller embellishments are in small compartment containers. Here you will find brads, eyelets, beads and metal embellishments and some other odds and ends that do not have anywhere else to live.

Above my workspace on a bench is tins with more STUFF in them. All labelled so that I can find things....most of the time.

Things that I use regularly are all within arms length on a lower shelf.

To TRY and keep my area tidy I have a very bright rubbish container very handy to throw my rubbish into straight away. Sometimes this works, but when you are on a roll nothing can stop you.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour!! This is my scrapping and card making space. I also have a sewing space. How have you got your crafty area set out. Love to tour your world!! Hint Hint....


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