Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Funky flower tutorial


Well now that I have your attention. I want to show you how I made the layered flowers using the funky flower punch. Scroll down past the chocolate.

These were the punches that I used, if you have different punches experiment with them to get different style flowers.

Punch out your flowers, I have used a double sided paper to get more contrast and add interest.

Wet your punched out flower.

Once the flower is wet scrunch the petals and set aside to dry.

Once the flowers are completely dry then glue them together, I use glossy accents as my glue but you can use your favourite. I find glossy accents has a very strong bond.

Layer the flowers, slightly rotating so that the petals are offset.

Keep layering the petals until.....

....your flower is complete.

This is a flower that I prepared earlier!!!!LOL

You can see the dimension that you can achieve.

I hope that you enjoy making some flowers of your own.

Happy Crafting


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  1. THANKS Gayle!!! they are wonderfull! Becc x