Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Ugly Paper Challenge results...

Hi and welcome to our Blog,
Today I am posting the results from our "Ugly Paper Challenge". It was not a competition, just a bit of fun to use up some of our more "challenging" papers. You can now see the results (ie. cards, scrapbook pages) from using our "ugly papers" below. Go here and here to see some before pictures of these papers.
May I also add here a big thank you to all who have taken part in our challenge, I hope that you have had some fun in doing so. Now scroll down and check out these creations....
Michelle's iris eye folded card....I took this close up photo so you can see all the hard work that has gone into making this card.
 My partner in crime...What's this.....she is making her card at the markets....nothing like a deadline.
 Michelle's Card
 Brooke's card.
 Zoe's card
 Tanya's card. ( Tanya and Zoe let me know if I have these names around the wrong way)
Now our youngest challenge taker..... Meg's scrapbook page..
 Random photo....YUM YUM....My girls made this for desert the other night.
 My card.
That's all for now.
Happy Crafting to you...I am off to do some fencing.

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