Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't Show Slater!

Here is a quilt that I made for Slater (see him here....isn't he cute) It is finally finished. Lucky because I have another niece/nephew due in 2 weeks!
 Close up of the jellyfish. I used some metalic thread to quilt the jellyfish to lift them but you can't see this in the photo's.
 Now let's hope the colours will match with Slater's room.....what do you think Kylie?
 These qulits below were made for Ruby and Tia some time ago. I thought that I would put their pictures up also.

 This is how it all starts.......

I can't wait to make the next one!


  1. Well done Gayle. You are a speedy girl. the octopi are very cute. is it clipped yet? It seems huge. slater will love it.

    1. Thanks Debra, it is being washed as I type, I made a few alterations to the quilt I thought it needed a little something so I added some bellies for the jellyfish. Gayle