Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hi there

Just letting you all know that we are still around the place...but have been very busy and unfortunatlely the blog is left behind. I will add a few photos of what I have been up to lately. (I won't add all the boring photo's of the piles of washing, cooking, mustering, fencing, cleaning and driving here and there that I have done....just the fun crafty stuff!!)
This is a card with an interesting fold that sits up to view. The papers used were given to me from a UFO secret santa swap we had. I think that they are beautiful colours....Thanks Olivia!!
I hear there is a UFO blog.Check it out here.
I have done a few other crafty things but am having a few computer issues so will do so soon. I hope that you are all doing lot's of crafty things.

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  1. These cards are lovely Gayle. Well done. These standing up cards are really clever.