Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sanity Pack

This is a gift for a friend of mine (hopefully she will not be reading this blog until after her birthday). I have scraplifted from quite a few places. Originally someone had given my father-in-law a Sanity Pack with the quote on a piece of paper and all the bits and pieces in a drawstring bag. Using Emily's brown paper bag book idea, I have created the Sanity Pack. (Complete with marbles, ball, candle, string, rubber band,eraser, sticky tape and thumb tack.) I hope that ? likes the pack and can see it's usefulness in years to come when we all may need some sanity!!

(Sorry that some of the photo's are not the best, it is overcast here and I could not decide if I needed the flash on or off)

I have also added some of my favourite quotes.


  1. Hi Gayle

    I think ??? will love it. She will appreciate that you made it for her and there are times when we could all do with a little sanity.

  2. that looks fantastic Gayle! Great Idea!!!