Saturday, October 29, 2011


Outside my is very hot and sunny.

In the kitchen......K is making double choc chip cookies and they smell devine!!

I am wearing...... shorts and singlet top to stay cool.

I am creating......for the markets some christmas decorations, a very special wedding card for ??, a scrapbook album for my parents from our recent trip to Canberra and designing Christmas cards.

I am going..... to go and check on the cookies......back soon.......yes they are cooked.

I am reading.....the latest womens weekly. I really only browse the mag and do the crossword.

I am looking forward upcoming wedding, eating those cookies when they cool down, finishing my bargello quilt, finishing the album for my parents.

Around our home......K is watching a show on the box and R is chewing choc chip cookies very close to my ear. (I wish I could say they were cleaning my house or watering my garden.LOL)

Favourite thing......craft and chocolate (not sure what order that should be in)

What are you doing today????

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